Audigy2ZS USB Headset pulse audio skype voip

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Audigy2ZS USB Headset pulse audio skype voip

Postby cirrus_minor » Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:46 pm

Good Day.
Im a recent convert to mint and im enjoying the journey,more so now i seem to have sussed some audio issues,which i blame pulse audio for, hence im writing a short post on how to adress these issues as someone else might well have same hardware and same issues.
My only minor gripe with lisa 64 KDE was the fact i could not get usb headset to work in skype or G+ hangouts ( yet i could get audo out from them in phonon & all media players) I recieve audio through an audigy2 soundcard for everything apart from VOIP & video calls for those i like to use a HP headset with mic, i selected relevant device in phonon and pavucontrol and even alsamixer (on boot id never hear the startup sound as i had to mute the audigy digital out jack in alsamixer/terminal each time before id get audio thru speakers ) i also set proper modules to load in alsa-base.config (EMU10K1 is module for audigy2) .
I set about attempting to fix these minor issues as like i said i enjoy lisa64 and didnt wanna give up on it, first thing i done was follow a tutorial on this forum on how to remove pulse audio here after that i got alsa-common from synaptic and found a package for qasmixer here (qasmixer lets me now hear start up sound by allowing me to mute the digital jack out so no need to do it manually in terminal each log in)
Thankfully i can now use both the audio I/O on HP headset , and im able to mute the audio in from the logitech 9000 , Im sorted now i can use skype & G+ hangouts now the way they are supposed to be used, Id like to ask the devs NOT to bundle pulse audio with releases & leave it to the end user to decide if he/she needs it. thanks for taking time to read this and i hope it will maybe help someone in the future.
[EDIT] On using firefox for G+ hangouts , the dropdown menu where u choose the audio devices cuts off short , u dont see all avaible devices , i blindly used the down arrow until i landed on proper device.
cirrus :mrgreen:
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