Setting up an exim mail server

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Setting up an exim mail server

Postby steveking » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:36 am

ok first off we need to install exim with the follwing commands:

apt-get install exim && apt-get install system-switch-mail

After this run the command:


This will bring up a nice graphical box asking you if you want to use sendmail or exim, select exim.

After that we want to check that exim is automatically configured:

chkconfig exim on

The we need to add an alias to the exim mail client so run:

vi /etc/aliases

Then add in an alias for example:


From there we need to add a colon and type wq (this is for write and quit)

After this we need to restart exim:

service exim restart

Then we need to test that exim works! Otherwise we did something wrong:

echo “test”\mail -s “$HOSTNAME”

This should print out something similar to this:

testmail -s “hostname” (where you sent the mail from)

That is your exim mail client up and running!
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