How to GCC compile to PPC or even AmigaOS?

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How to GCC compile to PPC or even AmigaOS?

Postby vox » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:22 pm


I am an AmigaOS PowerPC user that just love to use Linux MINT on same hardware too (just like MacOS boys using Linux too ...).

I am interested how difficult is it to use x86 machines horsepower to recompile MINT 13 and newer source codes of software to be able to run on PPC hardware?

Its clearly DEB files that I do need ... please note I do use MINT just for a couple of weeks, complete rookie
Here are some resources ... PowerPC.3F
Nearly all open-source software is available to download from the Ubuntu repositories, but the amount of proprietary software available for PowerPC linux is limited. You will have the same version of Firefox, LibreOffice, etc as other architectures.
Notable absentees are: Chrome/Chromium, Adobe Flash (although open-source alternatives are available, see below), Wine (however Qemu can be used, see below), ndiswrapper, proprietary video drivers and Dropbox (but, you can use Ubuntu One). ... ompile.htm

Also, seems that a GCC can compile for target AmigaOS too ... ... up/AmigaOS
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