Watch HD NASA TV via vlc on Mint (formerly posted in chat)

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Watch HD NASA TV via vlc on Mint (formerly posted in chat)

Postby anomalous_daemon » Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:22 am

(I moved my post here from the chat page on the Mars rover Curiosity as I thought it was better in this section)

You can also watch the Mars landing with vlc if you have rtmpdump and vlc installed. I generated the correct url below for the media channel by using the script from ... ls-in-vlc/. With the python script to generate the correct rtmp details, you enter:

Code: Select all


Then run the following to play it in vlc:

Code: Select all

rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp://" -W "" --live | vlc -

To save to file:

Code: Select all

rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp://" -W "" --live -o recording.flv

If you want to play and record to file at once, you have to use the tee command in this way:

Code: Select all

rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp://" -W "" --live | tee recording.flv | vlc -

This does play correctly in vlc, but you have to re-generate the rtmp details with the command in the first code block every few days and alter the second code block accordingly with the new url. This happens as the server seems to change a lot.

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