Script to install and update to latest Chromium Build.

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Script to install and update to latest Chromium Build.

Postby racoq » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:38 pm


Since i'm knew here (my introduction viewtopic.php?f=180&t=112070), nothing more pleasent to give mint users a gift

I have written a bash script that downloads the latest Chromium dev build on your system. I found it usefull at time for me, but i thought someone could also be interested in this, so in the spirit of open source i'm sharing.

These builds that the script downloads are from the Chromium continuous branch which hosts only those builds that have passed Google's automated test. So they will work on your desktop although may not be bug free as they are still development snapshots. Just one note, i test it originally for ubuntu, but it also works for mint.

Here is what you can expect from the script:

    - Downloads the latest build, generated from the continuous branch.
    - Backups the old snapshot to /opt/chromium-cont/old (in case you want to revert to the previous version due to a bug).
    - Unzips Chromium and installs it to /opt/chromium-cont.
    - Creates a system symlink and a desktop entry for Ubuntu/Mint, you will find it as the shortcut "Chromium Updated" in the Network section
    - You can choose between the i386 and the x64 build
    - As the script installs to /opt/chromium-cont, it won't overwrite your stable Chromium/chrome installation. If you ever want to update, just run the script again.

Download Link for script:

Source: ... tualizada/

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