Linux Mint 13 Maya "Cinnamon" Tips & Links! (QuickGuide)!

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Linux Mint 13 Maya "Cinnamon" Tips & Links! (QuickGuide)!

Postby MR-X » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:34 am

This is basically for Newbies like myself, I wanted to Contribute as a "Thank You" :D for all of the hard work people have gone through putting together Linux Mint 13 "All Editions" for all of us to use, so I created a Linux Mint 13 "Cinnamon" LTS (QuickGuide), unlike the other ones I have seen for Linux Mint Maya "Cinnamon" 13, I wanted an easy way for users to learn more quickly, so I packed it full of beginners Info and tips to answer many New Users Questions because when I started back at v.11 I was so confused I didn't know where to start or what themes to use, or how to customize Linux Mint. So here it is Hope Blogger is OK Feel Free to share My Linux Mint 13 Maya "Cinnamon" Tips & Links (QuickGuide) Link if you want! :wink:

Linux Mint 13 Maya "Cinnamon" Tips & Links! (QuickGuide) ... s-and.html

If you have any Input, or see something "wrong" somewhere please let me know, and if you have any useful need to know tips or info I can add please let me know! Like things concerning questions being asked constantly by new users! I hope someone gets something out of it! Thanks
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