How-to: Dual boot Windows 8 and Mint 14 - both (U)EFI!

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Re: How-to: Dual boot Windows 8 and Mint 14 - both (U)EFI!

Postby Spearmint2 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:22 am

it turns out that the Mint grub installer had already recognized and included another distro I had previously loaded (Mageia 2 - 32 bit BIOS mode), and added it to its menu. And yes, the EFI grub loader is able to load it. But the grub menu seems to still live in the Mint partition, so I guess Mint has to stay...

You didn't create a /boot partition? If you had, the main part of grub should have ended up there instead of in the Mint system folder.
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