How to install with manual partitioning

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Re: How to install with manual partitioning

Postby Mal_Hil » Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:53 pm

I did a google search on manually partitioning LM - and found this.

Is there a newer one - I think it would be useful to be pinned at top.

I managed to do it - but I think it could do with updating to LM 18 ???
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Re: How to install with manual partitioning

Postby wutsinterweb » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:02 am

Could the need to also create an efi partition when using a windows dual/multiboot and efi BIOS be included in this tutorial?

For those that haven't dealt with what I have, on the systems I've installed on that used a motherboard BIOS that was EFI based and IN the BIOS EFI was enabled, or Windows in the EFI system was already installed, I've had to, in manual install, during the install setup and creating the /, the /home, the /swap partitions either creating if it wasn't there, or placing IN the EFI partition, after setting the other 3 partitions, the bootloader.

Also, I've learned the hard way, especially IF you are using an SSD for OS booting but a MHDD for data/programs/ectetera, only having the SSD (or the MHDD you wanted) connected that will accept the OS plugged into the motherboard, I've had real headaches when I didn't do so.

I'm open to discussion on the merits or lack of on those issues.
I want to learn!

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