HowTo: VMWare Server and WinXP Pro as guest, VMW is free :)

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HowTo: VMWare Server and WinXP Pro as guest, VMW is free :)

Postby rhvkl » Mon May 19, 2008 6:34 pm

I had enough from VirtualBox (VB), this is everything but corporate.

You can run VMWare for free, which is working better imho.

1. Register VMWware
1.1 go there to register:
1.2 type in your needed serials
1.2.1 if you need one: it's displayed in browser
1.2.2 if you need more: you receive an email (the only mail ever I believe, similar to MSDNAA)

2. Download via Synaptic Package Manager
vmware-server 1.0.4-1gutsy2
vmware-server-modules may install with your selection

3. Config VMWare
3.1 connect to localhost is ok
3.2 click on: Create new virtual machine --> typical --> MS Win XP Pro
3.3 on Network connection I prefer "NAT"
3.4 "allocate disksize now"
3.4.1 if you make a disksize 7.9GB (portable on DVD-DL) you may switch off 2GB filesplit, will be enough for most user (many things you can do with wine)
3.4.2 depending on your needed space i would split the image in 2GB parts, if your disksize is 8.0GB or higher
3.5 press "finish"

4. Installing WinXP
4.0 go to: edit / preferences / hotkeys and select: CRTL+SHIFT+ALT (because CRTL+ALT is needed by your host, this step is important)
4.1 press "edit virtual machine settings"
4.2 on the hardware, i would choose (for WinXP Pro!): Memory 512MB or more, CD-Rom autodetect IDE, floppy is physical drive, mouse autodetect, processor = 1, soundadapter depends on your needs, usb controller present
4.3 on hardware / 'device status' have a closer look on the 'connect at startup' button, not every device is needed!
4.4 on options / power (play = power on, stop = shutdown, pause = suspend and the lastone = reset)
4.5 on options / permissions: disable make VirtualMachine private
4.6 power on and install Windows as usual (booting with flopppy, cd or booting from an iso image)
4.7 after windows installation is complete and guest OS is running go to: VM / 'install VMWare tools' (Screensize performance and more)

5. Using USB
5.1 try to add usb stuff by VM / Removeable Devices / USB if this doesn't work for you do 5.2
5.2 only if 5.1 isn't working: mount the usbfs file system --> edit or add in fstab like this:
5.2.1 usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs auto 0 0

Note: When you set the harddiskspace suitable on a portable media, you could be interested in this: as a free player for your image file, too.

Note2: default installation path would be: /var/lib/vmware-server/Virtual Machines/

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