WallCh not working on startup

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WallCh not working on startup

Post by PcMojo » Tue May 21, 2013 2:48 pm

I am writing this quick tutorial to help those that have installed WallCh wallpaper changer (or other wallpaper changers) and are experiencing problems with it not starting on startup. I was able to help a few people with this on IRC, but after reinstalling Mint I ended up making the same mistake. :oops: If your wallpaper changer doesn't work on startup and you research the problem, you will find that there are bug reports with several desktop environments (notably Cinnamon and Mate), as well as some versions of the wallpaper changers themselves. It is easy to assume that this bug is the problem, instead of asking yourself, “Did I set the wallpaper changer up properly”? Wallch and some other wallpaper changers do not automatically run on startup by default. You have to select that option. Before you assume it is a bug and try to fix it with workarounds, make sure it is set up properly.

On WallCh – click on Edit->Preferences and under Startup make sure the “enable startup option” is selected. On the main screen, make sure you have pictures/folders added in the selection box and that the pictures are actually in the location specified (that they haven't been moved). Also, select the “Change wallpapers choosing images randomly” for now. Otherwise it will choose the same picture on startup and you might not be able to tell if it is working. Push the play button and everything should be working. With my version of WallCh, every time I open it I need to hit “Play” before I close it. If you have done all of these things and it still does not work, then you might want to investigate the bug fixes and workarounds. I hope you find this helpful and that it saves you some time!
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