How To Install Quake 3 on Bianca

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How To Install Quake 3 on Bianca

Postby Zone » Mon Mar 05, 2007 4:49 pm

Here is the install i did to get my Quake 3 to play, the install is smooth and easy. :) The game play itself, is smoother, more responsive, faster and graphically superior, in my opinion.
You will need a copy of Quake 3 Arena.
You need the down-load "" and you can get that from
You will also need the Punk Buster anti cheat software "pbsetup_lin", and you can get that from
*****Make sure the Permissions on these are read and write for user, also executable*****

Now I had the "" saved on my desktop.

In terminal:
sh /home/shiloh/Desktop/
(shiloh is my user folder, you will need to change it to yours)
Follow agreements and instructions, it will ask you if you want to run Punk Buster, select "yes".

In your home folder, there will be a "quake3" folder, and ".q3a" folder.

You will need to insert your Quake3 Arena cdrom, and copy and paste "pak0.pk3" from:

Now to install Punk Buster.
You will need to move your Punk Buster pbsetup_lin to:
execute from in there, and follow instructions. You will have to add the game, select it from the list, also point it to the game exec,

Now the game is ready to go. :) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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