mint 17 kde installation crashed : a solution

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mint 17 kde installation crashed : a solution

Postby castet » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:59 am

hello everybody

special thanks for the mint dev team : great jobs guys !

congratulations !

however let me report you this issue
i hope this will help newbees and the others !

--- the problem


Code: Select all

linux mint 17 kde
installation from usb live boot crashed, at the end of the process

it ask me to proceed a bug report about ubiquity : not possible

then i did the following, and reboot : success
i have the required multiboot, and linux mint 17 kde boot properly

--- the solution:

reboot with linut mint 17 kde live usb,
open konsole

sudo su

then, read the following first,
choose dirmbr, partid,
then doit

Code: Select all

# === install  grub.mbr on /dev/sda,  from livecd, via chroot

# -- find the disk id
fdisk -l

# -- *** param here  ***
# -- *** param here  ***

# --
mkdir /d.grub
mount /dev/sda$partid /d.grub

# -- mount bind  /dev /sys /proc /proc/mounts
mount  --bind  /dev      /d.grub/dev
mount  --bind  /dev/pts  /d.grub/dev/pts
mount  --bind  /sys      /d.grub/sys
mount  -t      proc      /proc            /d.grub/proc

# -- chroot
chroot /d.grub /bin/bash
mount -a
# apt-get install grub-pc

# --- grub.cfg : mk
# grub-mkconfig -o /path/grub.cfg    # ... equivalent ...

# --- mbr : mk on $dirmbr
grub-install $dirmbr

# --- finale
echo --- success : enjoy ---

--- finale

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