Cannot connect to CIFS host- my experience.

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Cannot connect to CIFS host- my experience.

Postby gerry2 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:34 am

Linux Mint 16, printer is connected to a Windows 7 machine.

There are a number of threads telling you how to configure your printer so that you can print from your Linux machine to a printer connected to a Windows machine. What works is to set the printer address to this:


That works.....UNTIL the router crashes, sometimes after a few months, sometimes after a few minutes, depending on the line quality and traffic density. When I restart the router, it allocates new IP numbers to the devices on the LAN- there is no facility to give devices fixed addresses. This means that CUPS has to be edited to change the IP address for the Windows computer. Using the windows computer name instead of the IP number in the smb address above did not work- it had to be the IP number.

So I've gone back to the old non-password address:


Then to print I mount the printer, like this:

Menu > Network
Double click on the Windows computer icon.
Enter Windows username and password.
Now double click on the "print$" icon. (That's "print-dollar", looks like S on my screen)
Close window.
There should now be an icon on your desktop showing the printer is mounted, and ready for business.

Sounds long-winded, but I like it better than having to get into CUPS to get the printer going again.

Could do with a BASH script to automate it...... next project!

Actually, Puppy Linux has a GUI application "Pnethood" to do this quickly and easily, but it's a ROX app. They use ROX-filer as file manager. Hmm....

gerry2 (have to change my profile- I'm 78 now)
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