how auto mount partitions?

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how auto mount partitions?

Postby abdo » Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:21 am

I would like to do for Mint see my partitions?

I am following steep by steep:
After the boot I'll go to control panel/hardware and press partition editor, so Mint recognize thems and show me in /media how disk, disk1 and disk2
but whem reboot or shutdown I lost this configuration.
what I do to don't lost this configuration and the Mint mount my partitions automatically?

excuse me by english, it is very poor and I take several minutes to write this one.
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Re: how auto mount partitions?

Postby linuxviolin » Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:13 am

First I guess you don't post in the good section of the forum. Here it's for HowTos and Tutorials, this is not the subject of your post. Maybe an admin can move it in the right place.

Plus, If you look for a little you will find several places in this forum where it has already been answered to this question.

I'm sorry of this response, I would not be/seem too harsh but repeat the same things 300 times in the forum because people do not take 5 minutes to do some research is not a good thing, either for the forum or for visitors and posters.

Here is after a research of 10 seconds I found: Look at Husse posts. This topic is from Sat Nov 01, 2008!

Just as you use Mint Fluxbox, substitute mousepad to gedit.

P.S= My english is not absolutely perfect too... :lol:
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