Easily Installing Programs In Linux Mint 5 (elyssa)

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Andrew Welsh
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Easily Installing Programs In Linux Mint 5 (elyssa)

Postby Andrew Welsh » Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:42 am

Okay, so if you are a newbie at this and don't really know how to install programs you want, you simply want to click Elyssa at the bottom and directly above you should see a list find "package manager" and then click that, you are going to be asked for your password for the account you are currently in. When it is done loading its items, you will see a major list of programs you can install or that are currently installed. Go to the top and click "search". A little box should appear, and you can now type the name of the program you wish to install. After finding this, you will be able to click the white box next to it and click "mark for installation". After doing so, go to the top of the package manager and you should see a button that says "apply". Click this and then it will guide you through the installation. And this concludes how to install Programs Easily in Linux Mint 5 (elyssa).

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