[SOLVED] xfce keyboard shortcuts - window manager stuff

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[SOLVED] xfce keyboard shortcuts - window manager stuff

Post by flyingrhino » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:15 pm

And a few xfce mouse shortcuts too...

Correct as of Linux Mint 17.2 + 17.3 xfce using standard settings, no customization

Some of this information appears in the xfce settings menu too, but I'm trying to create one page that includes keyboard and mouse shortcuts in the same page (especially when there are multiple ways of achieving the same task, the goal is to use the most efficient manner)
I'm not trying to cover basic editing stuff like ctrl c / ctrl v / etc , but the window manager itself

If anyone knows other shortcuts not already listed, please reply to this post and I will periodically merge them into the main list. Thanks :)

Code: Select all

In Linux Mint 17.2 xfce the keyboard settings are located in three places:
	Menu -> Settings Manager -> Hardware section: Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts
	Menu -> Settings Manager -> Personal: Window Manager -> Keyboard (appears to be a compilation of the above)
		From this menu I setup the window tiling shortcuts listed further down...
	Menu -> Settings Editor -> xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts

windows and tabs

ctrl q					quit (close window)
alt F4					quit (close window)
ctrl w					close tab
ctrl t					new tab
ctrl n					new action (usually opens a new window of the same program)

alt F4					close current window (same as X button)
alt F7					move window, then use arrow keys or mouse to move
alt F8					resize window
							first arrow key you press selects window side
							subsequent arrow keys you press resize the window
							ENTER to accept resize changes , ESC to undo changes
alt F9					minimize current window
alt F10					maximize / normalize window
alt F11					toggle full screen (maximized program covers the taskbar too)
alt F12					toggle window on top of others. Might not be the active window, but will still be on top

alt mouse R drag		resize window - hold ALT key and drag window corner using right mouse click
alt space				open the window menu for stuff like minimize / maximize / resize / move
alt tab					next window
alt shift tab			previous window
alt shift pg up/dn		raise/lower window. Only pgdn seems to work
mid click max button	maximize window vertically (middle click a window's maximize button)
rht click max button	maximize window horizontally (right click a window's maximize button)
mouse wheel on title	shade / unshade window = roll window up (reduce to size of title bar)
							Mouse over window title, then roll wheel up to shade, down to unshade
							Right click window title or alt-space , then roll window up
alt left click drag		move a window by pressing alt and left click dragging anywhere inside the window
alt middle click		on an active window will send it below all other windows (window not resized)

window tiling
						# Note - these are not default settings and need to be configured manually
ctrl sup alt KP up		Tile window to the top 
ctrl sup alt KP dn		Tile window to the bottom 
ctrl sup alt KP left	Tile window to the left
ctrl sup alt KP right	Tile window to the right
ctrl sup alt KP home	Tile window to top left
ctrl sup alt KP pgup	Tile window to top right
ctrl sup alt KP end		Tile window to bottom left
ctrl sup alt KP pgdn	Tile window to bottom right


ctrl F1-F12				select workspace 1-12
ctrl alt home			move active window to previous workspace
ctrl alt end			move active window to next workspace
ctrl alt 1-9			move active window to workspace # . Doesn't seem to work in Mint 17.2
ctrl alt d				minimize all / unminimize all
ctrl alt arrow L/R		switch to previous workspace (left arrow) , next workspace (right arrow)
ctrl alt arrow U/D		upper / bottom workspace (up / down arrow)
alt F6					stick / unstick window (visible on all workspaces)
ctrl alt numpad 1-9		move active window to workspace #
alt insert				add a workspace
alt delete				remove last workspace
ctrl alt delete			lock screen (note - not backspace - which will kill X)
ctrl alt l				lock screen


F10						open the top menu first item
shift F10				same as right click on the item for context menu


ctrl esc				same as right click on desktop
alt F1					same as right click on desktop
alt F2					open the application finder (run command)
super p					xfce display settings
ctrl alt t				open terminal
ctrl alt backspace		kill X along with all windows inside it. Unsaved work will be lost

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