How to solve Flash sound problems with PulseAudio

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How to solve Flash sound problems with PulseAudio

Postby richiesan » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:21 am

I was suffering a long-standing problem getting sound to work on Flash Videos. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. When it did work then I couldn't play videos using other software - Mplayer, for instance. When I could get sound in Mplayer videos, then I couldn't get it in Flash. When editing sound files with Audacity, sometimes I would get sound, sometimes I wouldn't.

This state of affairs went on for a while until I discovered this old posting:

By following the suggestions in the 5th and 7th posts on this page, and by following the instructions on setting up PulseAudio at, I now have no problems getting sound in any app.

I hope this proves useful for others!

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