How to set brightness with 2 monitors and ATI

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How to set brightness with 2 monitors and ATI

Postby EKMA » Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:11 am

Not sure how many of you know this so I thought I'd pass on...came across it by accident. Basically, I have 2 monitors on my system (1 is an LCD and the other is a CRT). The CRT is (for some reason) quiet a bit darker than the much so, that it almost makes it unusable. You literally couldn't see the CRT...had to squint and all that just to read it. Anyway, here are the steps:
1) Open up ATI's Catalyst Control Center
2) Click on "Display Manager" on the left most menu
3) On the right side of the box now shows your two different monitors (shows Properties and Multi-Display). You have a drop down box where you can choose the monitor. You now choose the monitor that you need to adjust.
4) Now, click on "Color" on the left most menu
5) You will now see some Adjustment Sliders...they are labeled "Red", "Green", and "Blue". At the bottom is "Link Color Sliders"...make sure it's ticked (unless you really need to adjust individual colors)
6) Put your mouse cursor over any one of the sliders and drag it either way. You should see the gamma (or brightness) of the offending monitor either go up or down. Adjust as needed.

Enjoy...hope this has helped someone who was used to the way CCC was set up in Windows.

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