HowTo: Find Duplicate Files with MD5 and SHA

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HowTo: Find Duplicate Files with MD5 and SHA

Postby grimdestripador » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:43 pm

A nice GUI application is available to search for Dupliacte files. It is called Duplicate Files Searcher 2.1 and is a sourceforge project.

* Download:
* Extract the zip file.
* execute the .jar file using

Code: Select all

java -jar ~/Desktop/dfs21/DFSFull/dfsfull.jar

or one can in the GUI:
* Right click on the dfsfull.jar file,
* Select "Open With Other Application"
* Click the Custom Command disclosure triangle to open the panel
* Type in the box under "Use a Custom Command" the following

Code: Select all

java -jar

* Click Open
* Right Click the file again, now select "Open with java"

To change this to permanently
* Right click file, choose properties
* Click "Open With" Tab
* Select java (above steps for GUI steps required)

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