Installing Mint on an eMachines e620 5885

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Installing Mint on an eMachines e620 5885

Postby rfd » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:37 pm

this box comes loaded with vista (what krap!) and a 160g sata hd - i wiped out vista, loaded xp, loaded mint ... some process details that may help others ...

1. go into the bios and change the sata drive to 'ide native'
2. xp will now install - make one new full partition and reformat
3. after xp and sp2 are running, download the ati radeon 1200 xp vid drivers and install
4. download and install e620 5885 xp/86 drivers for the amd chipset, audio, touchpad, wireless, etc
4. while in xp, load the mint cd and 'install in windows'
5. google for 'ati linux' and download the radeon linux vid drivers (you won't find 1200, use the 1300 - all the same)

hope this helps ......

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