How to use mplayer to play youtube videos

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How to use mplayer to play youtube videos

Postby piratesmack » Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:53 am

I've never really liked Adobe flashplayer, especially on Linux.
I've always found the Linux version to be buggier and less stable
than the Windows version. Flash has gotten much better on Linux,
but I still have a few problems with it.

Well if you're like me and only need flash for YouTube, you might find this useful.
I found a FireFox addon called GreaseMonkey, which allows you to
customize the way a webpage displays by using JavaScript. And I also found a
script for it called HQTube, which allows you to play YouTube videos with Mplayer, Xine, or VLC.

-Install Firefox, mplayer, and mplayer-plugin (should be preinstalled in Mint)
-Get the Greasemonkey addon for Firefox (Just click "Add to Firefox"):
-Restart Firefox
-Install the HQTube script (Just click "Install" at the top-right):
And that's it, YouTube videos should now play with Mplayer-Plugin instead of Adobe Flashplayer.

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