Reset lost/forgotten/non-working Password

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Reset lost/forgotten/non-working Password

Post by gold_finger »

WARNING: DO NOT USE this tutorial if you have an encrypted home. Only use if you have a regular installation without using encryption.

NOTE: This is just a remake of this tutorial using code blocks and pictures to make it easier for the inexperienced to follow.

If you lost or forgot your main user password and can't log into the system anymore, follow these steps to set a new one during boot-up of the computer.
  1. Reboot / Turn on Computer
  2. If computer normally shows the grub menu on startup, skip to step #3. If not, then immediately press and hold down the left <SHIFT> key to force the grub menu to show. (Keep holding it down until the menu appears.)
  3. Using arrow keys, highlight entry for Mint installation. (If it's first on list it's already highlighted.)
  4. Press "e" to edit grub.
  5. Using the arrow keys, navigate down to the line that reads similarly to this:
  6. Change ro quiet splash vt.handoff to rw init=/bin/bash. It should now look like this:
  7. After change above has been made, press <F10> key to boot.
  8. The system will boot into a password-less root shell where you can then set new password for your user.
  9. At the prompt, type passwd yourusername, but substitute your real username in place of "yourusername".
  10. It will ask you to enter the password you want to set; then re-enter it. (NOTE: no characters will appear on the screen as you type the password. That is normal. Just type password carefully, hit <ENTER>, then re-type when asked.)
  11. Once new password is set, type sync, hit <ENTER>; then type reboot -f and hit <ENTER>.
  12. Computer will reboot and new password should work to log you in.
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Re: Reset lost/forgotten/non-working Password

Post by jimallyn »

Thanks, I will bookmark that. This one is also good:

https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.c ... sword.html
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