Printer Sharing from Mint to Windows 7

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Printer Sharing from Mint to Windows 7

Post by Digidoc » Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:54 pm

I solved a problem with printer sharing. I spent many many hours to solve this and thought it would be important to let others know. I can plug in a printer and Mint finds it, adds the needed driver and shares it. When I have a second Linux computer join the network, it finds the shared printer fine and configures itself to also use this network printer. This is great, exactly what I want. The problem is with Windows 7. When it joins the network, I could not find the shared printer. I tried all sorts of things. None worked, and this is where the many hours of research and trials came in.
Below are the steps I took to access the shared Linux Mint printer.

1. Linux and Windows have to have the same Workgroup name.
2. Edit the file /etc/samba/smb.conf. (sudo caja /etc/samba/smb.conf) (This is on Mate 17.3)
Under the section on Global Settings, change Workgroup (as needed) to match your Windows 7.
3. On Windows, confirm you have the correct WORKGROUP.
Rt click My Computer; Properties; Scroll down to see and change Workgroup.
Do not use Homegroups. You have to reboot after making changes.
4. On Linux, from the terminal, type ifconfig to get LINUXIPADDRESS
5. On Windows, you do not install your printer from Windows. Uncompress the driver file into a
DRIVER FOLDER (i.e. C:\Printers).
6. On Windows, from your browser address bar, type LINUXIPADDRESS:631/printers
This will access the CUPS system on Linux and show you the currently installed printers.
7. Highlight the one you want to install, rt click and copy the link address or link location (depends
on the browser you use). SAVE THIS INFO INTO THE CLIPBOARD (control-c).
8. Click: Start; Devices and Printers; Add A Printer; Network printer;
Stop Search; Printer not listed; Shared Network Printer By Name, PASTE FROM CLIPBOARD
(control-v) into this box.
9. Select printer > Have Disk; Browse to DRIVER FOLDER, (i.e. C:\Printers); OK;
Confirm the correct model? ; OK.
10.Complete the remaining steps and print a test page.

Final note: If the computer sharing the printer is getting an address from a home router, this may change. If you are using DHCP to assign your computer address this is called a dynamic and not a static address. This tutorial does not explain how to change to a static address to keep from losing your shared printer. The method to do this varies depending on the router you have.

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