[SOLVED] Claws mail keyboard shortcuts

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[SOLVED] Claws mail keyboard shortcuts

Post by flyingrhino » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:50 pm

These keyboard shortcuts are partially written in the user manual , as well as in the various menus.
I've collected them into one place.

I don't list basic stuff like copy/paste. All I care about is navigating the GUI efficiently using the keyboard.
Using these keys you can do at least 95% of your work on keyboard.

Code: Select all

ctrl f                  Find in current message
ctrl shift f    Search folder (not multiple separated words)
/                               Quick search (not multiple separated words)
                                  / again to control the search (close it, browse search history, etc)

ctrl p                  Print
Ctrl w                  Work offline
ctrl s                  Save as
ctrl q                  Quit claws
ctrl t                  Threaded display toggle
ctrl u                  Show message source
ctrl h                  Show all message headers

n / arrow dn    Next mail (ESC lets you arrow up/down in folders list, ENTER to select)
p / arrow up    Previous mail
shift n                 Next unread mail
shift p                 Previous unread mail
space                   Page down inside mail message
backspace               Page up inside mail message
g                               Goto other folder (opens a folder list to choose). Also ESC trick works
v                               Toggle show message view (message body window below list)
/                               Open quicksearch
ctrl shift a    Open address book
ctrl shift l    Open log file
x                               Execute. Need to figure out this one

ctrl m                  New mail
ctrl m                  Attach file (compose window)
ctrl i                  Insert file (compose window)
ctrl i                  Get mail from current account
ctrl shift i    Get mail from all accounts
ctrl r                  Reply
ctrl shift r    Reply all
ctrl l                  Reply to mailing list
ctrl alt f              Forward mail
ctrl o                  Move
ctrl shift o    Copy
ctrl d / del    Delete message to trash
ctrl enter              Send now
ctrl shift s    Send later
ctrl shift x    Edit with external editor

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