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Linux Tutorials YouTube Playlist

Post by ephraimshofar » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:30 pm

[To skip the blah blah and just go to the Playlist - here ya go: ... SUVZ3hCu_m ]

I've a General Linux Tutorial YouTube Playlist that I've been working on the past few weeks predominantly for my children's Homeschool program and secondly for my own personal review as I've recently plunged back into Linux after an absence by installing Mint 18.1 on ALL of our Machines, saying goodbye to Micro$ucks & ForbiddenFruit forever.

The Playlist starts out with the simplest and for the most part increases in complexity as the videos continue, with the addition of some "fun stuff" at the end.

This Playlist is my secondary Pet Project (my first being devoted to becoming a Linux Guru now that I have the time), so it will be most likely continually updated & rearranged for a long time to come.

The link to said Playlist is:
HERE ... SUVZ3hCu_m

If you're reading this 20170205 just know that I'm currently adding to the list en masse, so you will probably see some massive changes to it as I add to it throughout the day.

Long Live Linux!

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