JavaFIBS Backgammon Client - CREATE A LAUNCHER in the start menu

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JavaFIBS Backgammon Client - CREATE A LAUNCHER in the start menu

Post by Ragtime »


Apparently, a number of JavaFIBS users have difficulties doing this.
Also, not many info can be found about it, so I thought it would be useful writing a couple of lines.
NOTE: this procedure can be used in a similar way for any other application you may need it for.

The following will work assuming you placed the folder containing the application ("JavaFIBS2001")
in your "home" folder; just change "YOURUSERNAME" with... your user name.
If not, paths must be edited accordingly.

First you need to rename
"JavaFIBS_1009_J13.jar" or "JavaFIBS_1009_J15.jar"
(one of the two, at your choice), contained in the "JavaFIBS2001" folder, as


(I suggest to duplicate the original file, then rename it, keep the original)


1.- create a new launcher on the desktop
(right click on desktop, "create new launcher here", do not "put in start menu" when asked)

2.- give initially "java -jar JavaFIBS.jar" (no quotes) as command, so that it is accepted

3.- Right click launcher and edit content (open with - gedit)

4.- Overwrite all launcher content with the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=FIBS Backgammon Client
Exec=java -jar JavaFIBS.jar

--> Hit SAVE <--

NOTES about commands:
Comment=(comment of your choice)
Name=(name of your choice)
Path=(path where the folder program is located, replace "YOURUSERNAME")
Exec=(startup command)
Icon=(launcher icon, change path and icon as preferred/needed)

5.- Place launcher in the


folder (copy/move, your choice).

After that, it will appear in the Start Menu as "others"

6.- use the menu configuration utility to move the launcher to the "games" category.
(right-click menu icon, configure, menu tab, open menu editor, cut & paste)

Close everything, done.

The JavaFIBS launcher will now appear in your start menu under "Games", along with its icon: just hit it and play.

Have fun ;)

Tested and working on Mint 18+, should work on UBUNTU
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