DVDfab and DvdShrink

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DVDfab and DvdShrink

Post by deloprator20000 » Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:18 pm

I have been backing up DVD movie titles since about 2005, my typical procedure is:

1. Use the most recent version of DVDfab to remove encryption and copy files to hard drive, in .vob form.

2. Then process the .vob files through DVD shrink to compress and then write the output to an .iso file. Sometimes I use DVD shrink, without compression, to create a .iso file.

3. Use DVD burning software to burn the .iso file to a DVD, single or double layer.

This worked flawlessly when I used Windows. The result is an exact copy, except possibly for some compression, of the original DVD title. Then I changed to Debian Linux and it didn't work at all until now.

I was able to get DVDfab ver 9321 non-XP, by updating my system using:

sudo apt-get update

Then opening the package manager and updating all packages. What is most important is updating the wine program to the latest stable version available.

I had to configure Wine to Operate in a Windows 8 mode to get DVDfab operating properly.

Then I reinstalled DvdShrink, it ran properly until it came to the encoding process, it would progress about 3/4 of the way through and then it would display the following message:

dvd shrink error message:

dvd shrink encountered an error and can not continue

Out of memory

Thinking about all the other responses to this problem on the internet, I thought by limiting the CPU speed of the DVDshrink process I might be able to slow the rate at which data is encoded so that it matches the speed at which it can be written to the hard drive.

Linux has a program which does exactly that, it is called CPUlimit you can download it via:

sudo apt install cpulimit

So I tried DVDshrink again, using CpuLimit for the DVDShrink process. I had to experiment with the slow-down factor, though finally it worked. If I slow down the DVDshrink process to 10% of maximum it will no longer display the memory message.

Hopefully this helps.

John G.
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