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Corsair K95 Keyboard with CKB software

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:49 pm
by cypherdtraitor
If you are in love with RGB keyboards and thinking of getting the K95 Corsair keyboard (or any of their other flashy products), you'll need to get the CKB software working. Unfortunately, the old developer for CKB has decided to focus his efforts on other things, which means the project is not being further developed.

If you are on the newest version of Linux Mint, you will need to "reactivate" some older software tools in order to compile CKB for your system. This is super easy, and I will do it with only minimal command line usage.

1. Download the CKB zip file using the instructions on the official github page
2. Install some old developer tools using Synaptic Package Manager. These are:
  • *g++
This will pull in all the other dependencies as needed.
3. Unzip the CKB zip file into a permanent location somewhere. I would put it in my home folder under ~/.ckb
4. The setup script ~/.ckb/ckb-fw2kb/quickinstall should work out-of-the box because you have all the developer tools it needs set up

Over time, this will get trickier and trickier. I hope someone decides to maintain this!