Corsair H1000i (V2) water cooler under Linux

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Corsair H1000i (V2) water cooler under Linux

Post by II-Trax-II » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:49 pm

First the Corsair water coolers work just fine under linux without drivers. The pump runs full bore, the drivers let you play
with the lights, and allows monitoring. You control the temperatures with fan speeds. I also don't use the fan cable the pump supplies.

In my case the only thing that changed is the pump glows the color of my choice when the set temp is reached.

This assumes you have a windows OS available, In that respect it will also let you install the newest driver to Windows 10.

With the cooler installed and windows running open a command window as Admin (Right click "run as admin") and run: bcdedit /set testsigning on
Reboot, bottom right of screen will show your in test mode. See link below if EFI troubles, I run as Other OS and had no problems.

Install the driver for the pump (view Device Manager to verify USBxp) go into the software gui and set your settings the way you want
as when your done the driver will be gone.
Under Devices (Corsair software) the pump will be shown, click on the line below description saving the settings to pump.

I was able to bump the pump up 1000 rpm (performance mode), having run Linux with the cooler for the last 6+ months, I saw no difference, assuming it
did indeed increase I dropped back down to save on wear and tear.

Open a command window as Admin (Right click "run as admin") and run: bcdedit /set testsigning off
Reboot and test mode will be exited, and Device Manager will show a driver error for USBxp

To have the driver active all the time (Windows 10) I installed: Corsair_LINK_Installer_v4.6.0.86, newest one is version and doesn't work without the above process. ... d-drivers/

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