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Bluetooth sort of Tutorial

Post by dave8671 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:00 pm

In this I have used 3 different BT devices and what happened when I used Cinnamon and mate GUI.

Hardware Used and OS:
Thinkpad T500, Mint 18.2 Plugable BT USB
Thinkpad T520, Mint 18.3 built-in BT 3.0
Home built Desktop first gen i3 core Plugable USB BT
Software Clementine 1.3, Smplayer and VLC on all

Mate GUI
Mate has no easy way of selecting a paired BT device. You must go to sound preferences and change the output device to select a paired device. There must not be any media players running prior to changing the output device otherwise have to restart any media player. VLC and SMplayer will connect to a BT device one you change it in sound preferences .

After testing each device all devices use profile in this project use:
High Fidelity playback [A2DP sink]
Sound preferences: output tab select Bluetooth device paired.

Philips BT100 portable [CVS stores and FYE]

Plugable USB BT adapter model USB-BT4LE Bluetooth 4.0 [amazon]
Thinkpad T500 or Home-build worked fine after installing blueman. Blueberry could not pair any device

YAMAHA YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver settings
This device as hifi in the setting once connected.

ilive Headset using USB adapter [IAHB64 bluetooth device] still around but smaller design. The ilive headset has a feature in which I hold down the power button till it blinks rapidly red and blue than its ready to be paired.

Cinnamon GUI
Home-build desktop had no issue with blueman paired all of the devices with ease Selecting a paired device is simple right click sound icon and select output device click on paired device.

Thinkpad T520 had no issue with blueberry discovers and pairs devices with the built-in adapter.

Final thoughts
I am sure its not possible to install the same sound app or applet on mate as the cinnamon version this would help the selection of a paired devices to be more seamless. The winner in the project is cinnamon GUI for the ease of selection of a BT device. I still like blueman BT app better.

Any comments are welcomed

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