How to install Linux Media Center on Linux Mint

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How to install Linux Media Center on Linux Mint

Postby merlwiz79 » Mon May 28, 2007 6:37 pm

I would wait for the port of XBMC to Linux.
I have been using it on my Xbox for some years and it's great.
This would be awesome to have for Linux Mint.
This is what it looks like on Ubuntu, it's not done yet.


Linux MCE Install:
This is all from memory because of all the errors I had.
So if you have problems understanding, ask a question.
I will try to update and make it look better when I can.
You need to have a good amout of time to set this up.

To find out what Linux MCE is take a look at the Screenshots and Video..

Read more about it at

What hardware you will need.

Some things to know is it is hard to configure once installed.
My 8GB has 1.8GB left, after a fresh Linux MInt 2.2 Gnome Full Edition with Linux MCE installed.
It will slow down the boot process.

You must download the installer and Linux MCE Installer CD.

Tested Linux Mint 2.2
MCE installer
Linux MCE Installer CD

Untested LinuxMCE 1.1 beta 2 might work with Linux Mint 3.
Info about the Beta.
Torrent for the Beta

To get this to install I used a fresh install of Linux Mint 2.2 Full Gnome Edition with all the updates installed.
I didn't set up anything but Linux MCE and went though these steps.

Lists of Steps for Installation:

  1. Checks before the install.
  2. Setting up Linux Mint before install.
  3. Installation Process.
  4. Checks before Launching and Launching Linux MCE.

Step 1: Checks before the install.
  1. Do you have the time to install Linux MCE?
  2. Did you read through this post more then twice?
  3. Did you get the installer and the Linux MCE installer CD?
  4. What User Interface(UI) does your Graphics card support?
  5. Do you have every thing that you what to be connected to on my Network?
  6. Is your CPU able to run Linux MCE?

Step 2: Setting up Linux Mint before install.
  1. Make sure the msttcorefonts and your Graphics driver are installed and working.
    If you have rebooted with both these installed you can now copy the xorg.conf to the desktop.
    The xorg.config is located /etc/X11/
    This is very important.

    Make sure to make a backup of this file like xorg.config.backup
    I don't know if the file should have anything but the default setup.
    I used the default settings for my driver.

  2. Copy the sources.list to the desktop.
    The sources.list is located /etc/apt/
    Make sure to backup this like sources.list.backup

  3. Change the screensaver to 2hrs 1st then unceck both boxes starting with the bottom one 1st.
    Change the Sleep settings for Power Management to never.
    Under General in Power Management, change the 1st setting to Do Nothing and the 2nd setting to Shutdown.
    Make Sure Not To Skip Any Of These

  4. Burn the linuxmce-1.0-packages.iso to CD.
    Then mount the Cdrom drive.
    You should see an icon with the name CDROM.
    Make sure to check the md5sum for the LinuxMCE 1.0 Install CD.
    I would use a slow burning Speed to reduce the probability of errors.

  5. Close everything out.
    Open the Terminal.
    Type this and hit enter

    Code: Select all

    gksu nautilus /etc/apt/
    Enter your password and hit OK.

Step 3:Installation Process.
  1. Install the mce-installer_1.0.0-1_i386.deb package for Linux Mint 2.2
    This will make a Install Linux MCE icon on the desktop. The apt - File Browser still should be open.

  2. Double click the Install Linux MCE icon and input your password click OK
    Make sure that the Icon CDROM is still on the desktop.
    If it's not open a new File Browser and click the cdrom drive that has the Linux MCE installer CD in it.
    Minimize this window and leave it be.
    Make sure you network IP is set the way you want it as in
    Static IP should be setup if you plan on using it to connect to other computers

  3. In this selection chose the type of install you plan on having.
    Press Forward.
    If this is the Computer you plan on watching the content on select the top one.
    This is the one I selected.

  4. This next one you have to do this way exactly or you will get errors at the installation process.
    Click NO and in the Manual Network Configuration select Automatic Configuration(DHCP).
    Press Forward.
    Make sure to do it this exactly this way.

  5. Select the setting you need for your set up and Press Forward.
    This is to use your Computer as a DHCP server for other computers.
    I clicked NO for this since I won't be using it.
    Read more about this at the website if you plan on using this.

  6. Select the one you plan on using this computer for.Do Not Click Froward Yet.
    Make sure you still see the CDROM icon on the Desktop.
    Bring up the apt - File Browser I had you opened earlier.
    Open the sources.list thats on the desktop in Text Editor.
    Select all and right click and click copy and close Text Editor.
    Click forward.
    As soon as it starts updating the sources
    Right click on the sources.list and open in Text Editor.
    Now right click and paste all of it under the list already in there.
    As soon as it says Mounting CD in the LinuxMCEInstaller window click save.

    I only tested the top one: Primarily used as a PC.
    I would think that the 2nd option should work fine but can't back that up yet.

  7. Leave the Linux MCE installer running and close all other apps.
Now the Installer will install Linux MCE in Linux Mint.
This can take up to 2 hrs or more.
It will Look like it has frozen but it hasn't unless it comes up with an error.

After it is done it will ask you to restart the computer click OK
and wait it will take a little while before you do can anything.
Make sure to restart as soon as it finishes closing out the installer.

Step 4: Checks before Launching and Launching Linux MCE.

  1. Make sure that your Graphics Drivers are set to the default settings for your Monitor/TV.
    Open the xorg.config and look under Section "Device" and make sure it's not vesa.
    If it is close everything out and run this in Terminal

    Code: Select all

    gksu nautilus /etc/X11

    Now copy and paste the xorg.config from your Desktop into the X11 - File Browser. Click Replace.
    Close everything and Restart the Computer and make sure the Graphics Cards working correctly.
    If you are using the UI2 with medium settings (masking),
    run glxgears int the Terminal.
    If you want to use the drivers from ATI or Nvidia you have to install them now and continue after a restart.
    I used sudo envy then canceled after it opened the driver install.
    Then installed the Latest Nvidia drivers.
    I wanted to make sure it would install properly.

  2. Remember your settings for your output(monitor or TV) and the port it's using.
    Mine is 1280x1024 @ 75Hz on the VGA port and is a 4:3 display.
    Write this down if you need to

  3. Check the Power Management and screensaver settings.
    Open Mint Menu and Navigate to Start Media Center under Sound & video.
    This will take awhile and it will Launch a Video and Audio configuration.

  4. Configure the Video and Audio settings.
    If the Video settings are incorrect wait it will timeout and let you chose different settings.
    After you are done it will take even longer for the Launcher to start Linux MCE Just wait.
    My display is defualt 1280x1024 @75 4:3 but it didn't have those settings.
    I had to set it to 1024x768 @ 70 4:3 to get the right size.

If everything was done right you now have Linux MCE installed.

If the screen size is to big when you finally get to Linux MCE
you have to restart and run this in Terminal

Code: Select all

sudo /usr/pluto/bin/

After you click I agree and it let's you back to the main desktop close Terminal.
Yes you see some errors in Terminal but still close it out.
Now Launch Linux MCE and wait for it to reconfigure to the new settings.
You probably guessed it, it will take just as long as it did the last time you configured these settings

If you need any more help setting this up go to the forums.

If you need help with this Guide please post as much info about the problem
and the specs of your computer you are trying to run this on.

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Postby loneowais » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:46 am

i would love to have a Media Center Eition of MINT....i mean a DVD of Linux Mint with Media Center Perinstalled like Windows XP Media Center

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Postby HarshReality » Wed Sep 12, 2007 8:23 am

HAHA This is the last place I would have expected to see this pop up! I do my xbox builds and the like for over a year and a half and just get the new machine together and decide to put linux on it.

You want to do a tutorial I could make use of... take the how to compile link on the XBMC forums... and tell me how I could get VS.Net to run in wine LOL then I can get rid of MS all together (please dont suggest VMWare.....)

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Postby grimdestripador » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:56 am


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