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Re: How to verify the ISO image on Windows

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:14 pm
by JoeFootball
tnerd wrote: I read online that if I download through a torrent I don't need to verify the ISO because Torrent does that automatically?
You're correct that you don't need to verify the integrity of the download as the torrent does that natively. That said, it speaks nothing to the authentication. But that's your call.
tnerd wrote:Also- I have been getting the gpg files from the link on this site.
Yes, that's where I got them as well, yet I'm unable to replicate the behavior that you're encountering. :?
tnerd wrote:From what I can tell there isn't a different gpg file from each mirror?
That's certainly the intent. And also why authentication is leveraged for confirmation.