Howto: Install Bespin With ARGB Support in Mint 7 KDE CE

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Howto: Install Bespin With ARGB Support in Mint 7 KDE CE

Postby Carl » Thu Sep 03, 2009 4:52 pm

This is a quick tutorial on how to install Bespin in Linux Mint KDE CE with ARGB support (all those lovely transparent windows :lol: ) this is my first tutorial so if I make a mistake or if there's an easier way to do something please feel free to correct me :wink:

A Word Of Warning!
I am not responsible for damaging your pc so please back-up your data! as of right now ARGB is experimental in Bespin expect there to be bugs :)


Here goes...

1.) First off we need to install any dependencies which we need to build Bespin so open a terminal and copy&paste the following:

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sudo apt-get install cmake kdebase-dev kdelibs5-dev libplasma-dev kdebase-workspace-dev subversion

and wait for roughly 85mb to download (unless you have uber fast Internet in which case it's already finished :lol: )

2.) Next we need to download the sources with subversion:

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svn co

3.) Once the sources have finished downloading we need to go to the folder where they are located:

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cd cloudcity

4.) Now it's time to configure:

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after hitting enter it will ask you if you wish to compile with KDE support select yes by typing "y" it will then scroll some text for a short while and then ask you if you want to adjust the configuration with cmake GUI select yes again as before

5.) Now up pops cmake with some options use the down arrow on your keyboard and scroll down to ENABLE_ARGB and hit enter to change it from from OFF to ON (in Green on the image below) after you have done that hit "c"on the keyboard to configure and then "g" to generate and exit


6.) Ok next we need to go to the build directory:

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cd build

7.) and now the exciting bit:

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8.) Now presuming that went ok and you didn't receive any errors it's time to install! (if you did receive errors have a read through here: as lots of common problems have been addressed in the comments)

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sudo make install

Congratulations your all done! now you are free to go and configure Bespin which can be found at System Settings under Appearance and then in the Style tab just select Bespin and the configure button, once the Bespin configuration has loaded select window and fiddle with the transparency to your hearts content 8)

or you can just type "bespin" from terminal :lol:

Also of note is that if you would like to keep Bespin up-to-date is to repeat this every couple of months or when you here about a newer buggier free release

Useful Sources of Information about Bespin: <-- KDE-look Page <-- Bespin Homepage
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