How to upgrade to Openoffice3.1.1 on LinuxMint Gloria

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How to upgrade to Openoffice3.1.1 on LinuxMint Gloria

Postby zinovsky » Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:27 pm

Announced few days ago by openoffice the release of the new version 3.1.1 of openoffice , the new version fixes a number of bugs in the previous version and a potential security vulnebirality , but does not add any new functionality.
The 2009-09-04 becomes available the installation of openoffice3.1.1 via repository for aunty Jackalope/LinuxMint Gloria , in this tutorial describe you the steps to upgrade to the new version of Openoffice in Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and LinuxMint Gloria.
Please see how to upgrade to Openoffice 3.1.1 on LinuxMint Gloria

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