Dual booting in UEFI mode on separate drives

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Dual booting in UEFI mode on separate drives

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Firstly, I know this may be old hat to many but some of us newbies might just find it helpful. I hope it helps even one person.

Just thought I would pass on my experience with a successful dual and then triple boot with win 10 and linux mint and another flavour on separate hard drives with UEFI. Unfortunately Win 10 is a necessity in my case for one or two things that won't run properly in wine and Play on Linux.

Win 10 was already on and I've been playing with linux for a bunch of years on and off but was never too serious about it and always managed to get dual booted using bios mode but could never seem to get it right in UEFI mode until now. Recent events gave me plenty of time to play and then I almost smacked myself in the head because it turned out to be so simple.

Quick specs : I7 8700, msi gaming pro z370 mobo, 16 gb ram, 250gb m2 sata ssd (win 10), 4tb hdd, 1tb hdd, 500gb ssd for games and an old 240 gb crucial ssd. 3 monitors connected to 1050ti video card.

XFCE version of Mint downloaded simply because I like having 3 monitors working properly and xfce was the only one that did it out of the box for me. Windows spoilt me from using my brain to work things out. I used win 10 to use rufus to make a bootable iso of the xfce version of linux mint and made sure the option for uefi was selected.

Restarted machine and used F - 11 to get to bios boot menu and selected uefi partition on usb. It started the live version for me and then i went to install. Selected the required languages etc and wifi stuff and then we get to the partition area. This part was they key to it all working so easily and properly.

I selected erase and use whole disk. None of this making side by side stuff or the expert make your own partitions stuff, just erase and use whole disk. Selected the Crucial ssd as it really was doing nothing. When it came up and asked where to put the bootloader/grub I set it to the crucial ssd drive. <-- IMPORTANT. The grub finds the win 10 os and loads it into the menu along with mint.

Reboot when it's all installed and hit DEL to get into the bios settings and in there changed the boot priorities settings to the crucial ssd instead of the samsung m2 with win 10 on it. Hit F10 and answered yes to save it and rebooted and it went straight to the mint grubloader and away we went with the options of mint and win 10. Have been back and forth between the 2 without any issues. Making sure of course that the first thing I did was update Mint before anything else.

Then just for fun I installed a 3rd os, kubuntu ( to try the kde desktop ) and used the same method as above on the samsung 500gb ssd and it worked like a charm, with access to all 3 OS's. I'm happy now though and am back to just win 10 and Mint until I can make sure what i use in WIN will work and then I am gone to the light for good.

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