Emerald How To Adj. Frame Border Size

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Emerald How To Adj. Frame Border Size

Postby mmesantos1 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:20 am

Well this is my 2nd how to for emerald. Now this pertains to how to Adj. Fram border size, its not what you think since I am not refering to the Frame borders size sliders which is how you normally adj them. In this case it is for a theme called Black Vista, the creator of the theme set it so the smallest you could set the top border at is 40, now I liked the theme accept I wanted the top border smaller. I wanted it set to 30. I found that if I go to the .emerald foler located at home/( user name) /.emerald and you go the the theme and themes folders then go the theme you want to adjust in themes folder, you will notice in the theme folder the current theme selected is the only one that will show, but both have a file called theme.ini. What I did was pulled up this .ini file in gedit and went down to the title bar heading, once there go down to the min_titlebar_height, before I edited it it read as: min_titlebar_height=40, I changed it to read min_titlebar_height=30, then of course save the change. This was done to both .ini files and worked well for this situation. Well I hope this helps someone who may want to adj. an emerald theme. :)

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