How To: Invoke Envy when X fails to boot

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How To: Invoke Envy when X fails to boot

Postby JohnH » Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:38 am

This How To I stumbled upon trying to fix an x crash after an kernel upgrade. The log file showed that the nvidia kernel was the problem.

I exited the blue x log report and logged in at the command line.

I guessed that Envy might run so I gave it a go. No immediate luck but it did look possible. It prompted for one of two switches -t or -g. The -t switch was to start Envy in text mode whilst the -g was to start it in GUI mode.

I entered

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sudo envy -t
and got a text version of the Envy screen and was able to deal with the Nvidia problem. One option allowed to retry booting x again.

This worked like a charm and should be publicised; hence this How To


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