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Gimp Devel

Postby hairy_Palms » Sat Jul 07, 2007 6:14 am

I see lots of people level accusations against the gimp, that whilst true of 2.2, are already implemented in 2.3 so i thought id write a howto to let them install it.
To install the latest Development Gimp, which is much nicer, faster and more featureful than gimp 2.2, first

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sudo apt-get build-dep gimp

then download the latest gimp source code

Extract it

in the extracted folder run



you probably want to go watch tv or something for 15mins here
and finally
make install

or if you want use checkinstall :)
then run your shiny new gimp from the menu :)
or withe the command gimp-2.3
it wont overwrite your old gimp installation, so you can have both installed if you want.

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