HOW TO: Update Envy to get the latest ATI (fglrx) drivers

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HOW TO: Update Envy to get the latest ATI (fglrx) drivers

Postby the_necrocide » Wed Jul 11, 2007 3:14 pm

It is my first time writing a HOW TO, so suggestions and comments are much appreciated.

If my readingskills are still what they used to be, Envy doesn't really detect the newest existing driver (correct me if I am wrong :) ). It basically installs the best suitable driver for your card from the references it has in its database. When the database gets old, so does Envy, so do your drivers.
That is the reason for this HOW TO. I am sure everyone can find directions on how to do this, I just want to present them in one single post (I don't think a post on this topic already existed on this forum).

I only have experience with the ATI drivers. For NVIDIA drivers, the basic steps should be the same, but I am not sure if these drivers are updated as well. (If anyone has experience with that, post it here and I will add this info)

Most of the information here is based on Alberto Milone's blog:

First you might want to remove the old drivers:

Go to your menu > systemtools > Envy
Choose to uninstall the ATI driver.
If Envy asks to automatically update update your Xorg.conf, click YES.
Reboot your system.

When you arrive in your GDM and you have XGL installed (for use with Beryl or Compiz), remember to switch to a normal GNOME session (I forgot and my screen didn't look like much)

Secondly, we need to completely remove the version of Envy currently ditributed with Cassandra (in order to install the new version)

Open Terminal and do the following:

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sudo apt-get --purge remove envy

You might an error about some packages not being removed, do the following to fix this:

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sudo rm -R /usr/share/envy

Third step is to get the new .deb package of Envy from the website and install it:

Get your debian package here:

Double click on the package to launch the installer or do the follwing in the terminal:

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cd path_to_Envy_.DEB_package

Next type the following:

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sudo dpkg -i envy*.deb

Because we are updating Envy most of the dependencies will normally be installed, if you get an error, please type the following in your terminal:

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sudo apt-get install -f

If the installation did go smoothly, you should see the new version of Envy in your system preferences menu.

Fourth step is installing your new drivers trough the wizard

Open Envy and choose the option to install the ATI drivers. (The download takes approx 53 MB.)

Updating the Xorg.conf and the reboot of the system should go automatically. In your GDM (login menu), choose your XGL session again (if needed).

If everything went ok, you should now have version 8.38.6 of the ATI driver instead of the older 8.37.6 version.

I've tested it for a few days now and everything runs smoothly with Compiz Fusion.

The method described above basically forces an update of Envy to version 0.9.5-0ubuntu5, where new drivers are included. As said above, I have no experience with the NVIDIA drivers, but even in the previous version (0.9.5-0ubuntu3) an update to Nvidia driver 100.14.11 was already made.
(For your information: The version that comes with cassandra is 0.9.5-0ubuntu2.)

I hope this will help a bit with installing your new ATI drivers.

If you have a kernel update probably the X-server will crash because the correct modules for the driver to work are not installed. Please follow this guide to fix it:

Also be sure to remove the driver you installed with envy when you upgrade your version of Linux Mint (or Ubuntu for that matter)!
More info you can find here:

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Postby the_necrocide » Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:14 am

Copied from Alberto Milone's blog:Envy 0.9.6-0ubuntu1 is now available.

Here is the changelog:

* Added: NVIDIA new legacy driver 9639
* Removed: NVIDIA new legacy driver 9631
* Added: ATI driver 8.38.7 (hotfix)
* Removed: ATI driver 8.38.6
* Changed: new packaging system for envy
* Changed: removed the getCommandOutput function and cleaned the code in general
* Fixed: the problems with the diversion of
* Fixed: lsb-release added as a dependency

Anyone wanting more information about the released drivers should check out the release notes,supported chipsets & systemrequirements at

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