How To: Upgrade your kernel, painlessly.

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Re: How To: Upgrade your kernel, painlessly.

Post by don250r »

Here's some useful links: ... uide.5384/ ... for-ubuntu

I would also recommend upgrading gcc, but it is my opinion.
But then again, I compile from vanilla source.
The recommended mint way of upgrading the kernel is through Update Manager.
But if you want a streamlined, your-hardware-only, kernel, then by all means, use the configuration guides.
Have fun and enjoy, you can always go back to the previously used kernel in GRUB if it all goes sideways :P
(Advanced Options in the menu)
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Re: How To: Upgrade your kernel, painlessly.

Post by afifaadam »

-1- Find the directory for the kernel you require and click on it.

- 2 - In these directories you are going to see "BUILD.LOG", "CHANGES", three things that begin with linux-headers, two things that begin with linux-image and one thing that begins with linux-source. The BUILD.LOG, CHANGES, and linux-source are overall lessimportant .

- 3 - Download and then install the following in the ORDER: first step is to find out the linux-headers file that ends with all.deb. Second step is to get the linux-headers file that ends with i386.deb or amd64.deb which criteria you require. At the end , find out the linux-image file that ends with "i386.deb" or "amd64.deb" again which criteria you require. In real it doesn't actually matter what order you download them in, but you have to make 100% sure that you install them in this order.

- 4 - Reboot your system and you are done.

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Re: How To: Upgrade your kernel, painlessly.

Post by jungle_boy »

Formerly worked as well, pulled down the three files, installed, you could reboot and choose the new kernel to start.
Now there is a small obstacle: the DKMS, which breaks when you install another kernel than the kernel used by LM development team, and you cannot start the system with the new kernel.
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