Issues with Codecs and P2P? Check this....

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Issues with Codecs and P2P? Check this....

Postby lumpy » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:17 am

i am very new to linux mint but have been using it as a virtual machine since Barbara first came out. also i am very (kinda) familiar with Ubuntu Dapper and edgy. so when Bea came out i was very excited. -- no need to get all the codecs and stuff -- so ithought!
reading the forums i noticed a few issues that i experienced with mint out of the box... like MPlayer not really playing and a few plug ins not really plugged in. so i fixed this with Automatix2.
just click on the link for edgy Ubuntu 6.10 and thats it. then launch automatix and pick and choose what you want.
for those of you who use Limewire you will find that FROSTWIRE (get it from automatix) is the samething. fix Mplayer just by getting the plug ins and DVD codeecs.

any way i hope this helps and we really need to promote Automatix because it works and it is easy.

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Postby Monk » Thu Jan 04, 2007 5:22 am

As you might have read on some forums the opinions on automatix differ.
Easyubuntu is another posibility.
I have tried both and automatix seems to work the best (tho there seems to be some risk when upgrading to a newer version of your distro in the future). Easyubuntu gave me some erors on install.


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