How to enable Video thumbnails for Picasa

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How to enable Video thumbnails for Picasa

Post by Midnighter » Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:47 am

If, like myself, you're fond of using Picasa to index and keep track of your images, etc, you're also annoyed that (unlike the windows version), it doesn't so videos.Well, not without a little prodding and assistance anyway.

I did a fair bit of searching trying to find a way to get this to work, and after combing a few different sources, came up with these steps to get it to work. I did this on a fully up to date install of PCLOS 2010.7 Gnome, and Linux Mint 9, and it worked splendidly.

1- Configure Wine generally – Run "winecfg" in a terminal, go to the "Applications" tab, then go to the "Windows Version" field, choose "Windows XP", and click "OK".

2- Configure Wine for the Picasa wrapper – Run "/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper winecfg" in a terminal, and do the same. (You can have program specific settings, and I think you need to have the right settings specifically for the wrapper.

3- Download Quicktime Alternative (I used version 2.70 as I still had a copy stored in my windows software folder)

4- Install Quicktime Alternative the right way (through the Picasa wrapper) – Run "/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper /home/username/quicktimealt270.exe" (obviously, substitute username for yours, and don't include the quoatation marks). This assumes the .exe is in your /home folder (for simplicities sake), so change the path if it is not, or drop it in the home directory just to keep it simple for install.

a. During install, choose to install the "full" version (thus "mplayer classic install" is checked);

b. make sure the "configure settings for quicktime" box is checked;

c. when the quicktime window settings is opened go to the "advanced" tab and choose to use GDI.

5- Link Picasa to the QuickTimePlayer.exe file – Run "/opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper QuickTimePlayer.exe" in a terminal.

6- Restart Picasa if still open.

7- Configure Picasa – Go to "Tools" then "Options" then "File Types" and check the two movie file types.

Now it will include any video files now found in it's search path. It seems to be finding and thumbnailing/previewing mine quite nicely. :)

Hope this helps some. Cheers.
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