Easy direct mailing from nautilus using thuntherbird

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Easy direct mailing from nautilus using thuntherbird

Postby Jose » Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:57 pm

Hi Everybody,
I have been using Celena and coming from a KDE envirmonet I was missing the right click option: email to
So I did one. Is very easy.
Go to:
Celena->Control center->Nautilus Action Config


And complete the Following;
Label: Send mail (Or whatever you want to call it)
Icon: /usr/share/pixmaps/mozilla-thunderbird.png
Parameters:-compose "attachment=%u"

Restart nautilus:

:$ killall nautilus

Thats it!!
Now when you want to email a file, just make a right click

Hope you like it.
PS: Clem do you think that this can be added by default in Mint 4.0?

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