Sunbird-mint 0.7 Locales and extensions

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Sunbird-mint 0.7 Locales and extensions

Post by merlwiz79 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:11 pm

Is in Daryna Community Repo.
For Cassandra/Celena: ... 1_all.html

All Locales came from Mozilla.
quick-locale-switcher: ... 1_all.html

Locales Folder: ... cales.html

Locales install:
1st download quick-locale-switcher and install it.
2nd download the locale you need from the Locales Folder and install it.
Now to switch the Language click on the flag and click options.
Click on the Locales icon and edit the list as you need.

Firesizer Version 0.53: ... 1_all.html

Date Calculator Version 0.0.1 ... 1_all.html

CuteMenus - Crystal SVG Version 1.9.1 ... 1_all.html

Splash! Version (Changed splash and bgcolor to transparent) ... 1_all.html

ReminderFox Version 1.5 ... 1_all.html

World Weather+ Version 2.2 ... 1_all.html

Provider for Google Calendar Version 0.3.1 ... r_Calendar ... 1_all.html

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