How to Change the gedit MRU Number of Files

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How to Change the gedit MRU Number of Files

Postby Jesse654 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:45 pm

This explains how to change the gedit MRU maximum number of files shown. MRU is the "most recently used" file list
(also called the "recently used file" list).

The graphical (non-command line) solution is here:

The command line / terminal / shell / non-graphical / text-based solution is:

In a terminal, type:

Code: Select all

gconftool-2 -t int -s /apps/gedit-2/preferences/ui/recents/max_recents 19

Change the number 19 to whatever number you wish (I like 48). This will be the maximum number of files that
gedit will display either:
1) when the File menu is shown, or
2) when you click the down arrow next to the Open button on the Toolbar (the Toolbar must be visible to see this
down arrow (triangle); the Search menu has a toggle check mark for the Toolbar)

***Note: If gedit is already running, you need to restart it to see the effect of this command.***

Other, non-critical points:

The default number is 5 files.

If the list (shown with either 1 or 2, above) is too long to fit into a single column on the screen, up and down
arrows (triangles) are automatically shown for navigation.

The file names that are saved in the MRU list are not deleted with this command. In other words, if you run this
command with a smaller number, then with a larger number, the longer file list will be shown. This command deals
with the number of files *shown* from the list, not how many are actually saved there. So you can run this
command multiple times to try out various numbers without affecting the content of the MRU list. (Remember to
restart gedit each time to see the effect.)

The "-t int" means the type you are setting is an integer. The "-s" means "set a key to a value and sync."
"/apps/gedit-2/preferences/ui/recents/max_recents" indicates that the "max_recents" key in the file
"~/.gconf/apps/gedit-2/preferences/ui/recents/%gconf.xml" should be set.

At some points, the list of files will shorten. Apparently very old files are deleted from the list. You will
not notice this unless you use a large list (and maybe not even then).

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Level 3
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Re: How to Change the pluma MRU Number of Files

Postby Jesse654 » Wed May 16, 2012 9:08 pm

For pluma, as in Linux Mint 13 Maya MATE, use:

Code: Select all

mateconftool-2 -t int -s /apps/pluma/preferences/ui/recents/max_recents 19

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