How to: Convert Mint to your native language

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How to: Convert Mint to your native language

Postby npap » Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:08 pm

If your native language is not English

Basic facts
Translations are stored in the Repositories, not in the CD ISO.
They are downloaded and installed either automatically or manually.

A. Converting to your language from the live CD (Before installation to HDD

Go to:
Menu>Control Center>System>Language Support
1) Uncheck any languages that you don't want, leave English checked and put a check mark
on your language.

2) Click on 'Apply'..
Now, your Internet connection will be activated and Synaptic will download and install all
necessary language packs.
NOTE Wait until the download is completed, it may take some time.

3) In the Language Support card, down at the bottom, there is a window which is named Default
After language packs have been downloaded, click on this window and select your language.
You will now have two choices: English or Your Language. Make your language the Default
To go on with the installation click on the Install icon on the desktop.
Your installation will now start and as a first step, you will be asked to select your language
From this point on, the installation is done in the your selected language.

B. Converting to your language in a system which is already installed in English

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 as above but now you must restart your PC.
After bootup, you will have all text and menus in your language..

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Re: How to: Convert Mint to your native language

Postby muskratmx » Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:42 pm

Be advised, some packages requirer additional locals installed for them. And they come in separate packages. One such package is OpenOffice. I install my systems in English, because that's my mother tongue, but my wife's mother tongue is Spanish. And when I setup her user for Spanish, I find that even though the desktop is running in Spanish OpenOffice was still in English until I add the proper language packages for it.

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