How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Linux: Linux installed first

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How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Linux: Linux installed first

Post by travlemon » Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:36 am

As the heading suggests, this tutorial will show you how to dual boot Windows XP with Linux on system that has Linux installed first. It's easy when Windows is installed first, as every distribution goes above and beyond to make sure you can easily install Linux along side of Windows. The main reason for this tutorial: I removed Windows from my computer in the high hopes that I'd never again need to use it. It turns out, I do need it for some things and I couldn't find any good user-friendly tutorials that show you how to get Windows back onto a machine that now only has Linux.

After searching, I found one tutorial (linked in the video description) that shows how to do it, but is for a more advanced Linux user. It also concludes that the Windows partition can only be seen as drive D:, because the Windows installation sees the Linux partitions as C: and E:. Have no fear, I found really easy ways to address this whole procedure, made a video to show you exactly how to do it.

Since I could find no simple tutorial on how to do it, I thought I'd get this out on the internet even if Windows XP is a bit out of date.

Here is the link to the tutorial:
For my video tutorials, check out:

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