How to solve High CPU utilization Plugin-container FIREFOX

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How to solve High CPU utilization Plugin-container FIREFOX

Post by JaguarNight » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:56 pm

Basically I've noticed on my machine one process called "plugin-container" which belongs to Firefox pegs my CPU sometimes to 100%. As a result my cpu temperature was close to about 80C most of the time. While googling I've noticed that same problem reported by a lot of Firefox users, both windows and linux. It has to do with Adobe Flash plugin and flash content like ads on websites. Anyway, I researched the matter, tried some things and found a solution and thought that I should post it here. As a result "plugin-container" process no longer pegs my CPU and it runs about 10-15C lower temperature than before.

The solution, 2 parts:
1. You need to remove conflicting Adobe Flash player installations and leave only Adobe Flash player that MINT team provides.
Close Firefox, close all other web browsers.
Open package manager, type in adobe, you should find 2 versions of Adobe Flash Player
the mint's version will read like this: mint-flash-plugin-x... this is the one we want to keep
any other adobe-flashplugin we need to completely remove, out !
Close package manager when done.
( the reason is that most current Adobe Flash player may conflict with the one provided by MINT team, all kinds of problems can result, stutter while playing videos, no sound, video problems, delays, frequent flash player or browser crashes etc... Using only trusted version of Adobe Flash plug in insures that the probability of the above problems is minimised )

2. Open Firefox, find and install firefox addon called Adblock Plus, this add on blocks most of flash ad content on websites and thus lowers CPU load.
Restart Firefox.

Then run some flash video from youtube or similar website and check top CPU processes to make sure "plugin-container" no longer pegs CPU, with no flash videos playing the % CPU reading should be 0, with flash videos playing ( like youtube ) it should be under 40%, mostly around 15% or so per video...

Post your comments as well...

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