Error in "Central Khmer" regional format + more questions

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Error in "Central Khmer" regional format + more questions

Post by slinkeepie » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:13 am

Hi there,

I've been translating Mint into Khmer, and one thing I noticed while testing the Khmer-localized Mint 13 Cinnamon is that there is an error displaying the minutes part of the date/time format in this language. I noticed it in Nautilus file property window, but it obviously uses the system-wide "regional format" in Language Support to display the dates, as it is in there too. It seems the variable might just be missing something... as an "m" is displayed where the number of minutes in the time should be. Maybe it's meant to be %m or something, either way it should be very basic to fix, but I have no idea where to go or what to do to fix it (and it should be fixed for everyone somehow).

If someone could look that up for me or tell me where to go to report that, it would be appreciated :)

Another question... how often are new translations added to or grabbed from the repos. How does it work, sorry I'm still pretty clueless about the whole process!

Also.. how come in Cinnamon's menu, most of the program titles (and descriptions) display in English (not Khmer), yet most of the programs themselves are localized (i.e. when you run them everything is in Khmer). What package would I look in to check the translations of all the bits and pieces that appear in the menu? Seems it's not mintmenu or even cinnamon... is it something outside of mint? Or possibly a bug with cinnamon...

These small things are vital to the usability for foreign users, and I am trying to get them fixed up, as I would like to set up a few systems for my friends abroad :)

Thanks in advance for any help...

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