Fluxbox CE Quit dialog.

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Re: Fluxbox CE Quit dialog - Czech (cs, cs_CZ)

Postby Pepawo » Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:23 am

msgid "<big><b>What Do you Want to do?</b></big>"
msgstr "<big><b>Co chcete udělat?</b></big>"

msgid "Logout"
msgstr "Odhlásit"

msgid "Switch User"
msgstr "Přepnout uživatele"

msgid "Suspend"
msgstr "Uspat do paměti"

msgid "Hibernate"
msgstr "Uspat na disk"

msgid "Reboot"
msgstr "Restartovat"

msgid "Shutdown"
msgstr "Vypnout"

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